Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 3

Goal 1 - To tell the truth I was horrible at exercising this last week! Ugh I don't know what happened....Ok....Well I guess I know exactly what happened. After cross country skiing last Saturday, a drive to and back to Twin Falls Sunday, and a good housecleaning Monday... let's just say that I lost all energy to exercise! Then it was Valentines so I made the excuse not to exercise. I did get 2 days in last week and took burley for a long walk around the park for about an hour. So I guess I'm being a little hard on myself but this week will be much better.

Goal 2 - I'm still going strong with my lists. I now want to do better at adding something more each day. I haven't worked on projects at home lately and put it off, because I know I will probably go sewing Wednesday nights and very often on Monday mornings. But I find I have time that I'm wasting still. So my first project was to finish the two books I was reading. Got them both done and now Im all caught up for book club. Next project, finish that puzzle sitting upstairs!!

Goal 3 - Still doing lovely with being mindful of the budget. Unfortunately unexpected things always have to happen. Like our white car breaking down and having problems! So we are assessing the damage it will do to us this month. We are doing so good I had no problem telling Doug, 'Sure! Go snowboarding! We can afford it!'. after he said, 'Well I'd love to go, but you know it is $50.'. And the even better part? He ended up getting a lift ticket for $25 because someone had an extra and Doug happened to be in the right place at the right time. So I'm still feeling good.

- Valentines! Oh I do love valentines day! My husband is too sweet, we get to much yummy chocolate, and I love celebrating our relationship. Doug got me beautiful flowers, not red roses, but a mixed bouquet that I loved! Unfortunately my camera is up at the in-laws and I can't post our pics.
- We got to drive and see our beautiful niece blessed. She is growing too quickly and we miss them so much! It was totally worth the 6 hours in the car in one day drive. Yes my back was mighty sore and stiff (the skiing the day before didn't help too much). But like I said totall worth it.
- Monday I deep cleaned our kitchen cupboards and drawers. Everything got disinfected and reorganized. And it is clean! Im so glad I accomplished this big one! I figured after living in this house for 5 years....it's about time that was done!
- We found out our awesome cousins who have been waiting and waiting, were able to have their son born on Friday 10th, just before we went to Twin. They flew to NY to wait for their birth moms doctor to give the go-ahead for the birth. And their son is beautiful!! We were so happy to hear that everything went well, baby is healthy, and birthmom is doing great, and they were able to come home this last weekend. It is a wonderful miracle and blessing in their lives and I can't wait to see him at her shower!!
- Another highlight to everyday is feeling my own baby a little more and more! But I'll give this topic a whole post to itself!

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