Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I was asked to share my feelings on the atonement and resurrection with the primary kids  in sharing time later today.  I am very grateful for this assignment because it has made me think a lot more about why we celebrate Easter.  It is so much more than egg hunts, candies and baskets.  The resurrection is the center of Easter and we need to remember that.  New life is symbolized over and over with the eggs, spring, and baby chicks or bunnies.  Christ has done so much for each of us!  Without the resurrection the atonement would loose its purpose.  He made it possible for us to return to our Heavenly Father both spiritually and physically.  To me this is the greatest gift we could ever receive!  We need to remember how important this holiday is and what it represents.  We should give it as much recognition as Christmas!  I am so grateful for what our Savior has done for us.  I am indebted to him forever!  I hope as everyone celebrates this holiday, you won't get lost in the candy and eggs.  Remember what Easter is really all about.  Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Eggs!

For Family Home Evening this past monday Doug and I decided to color some eggs!  It was really fun.  We got a special tye-dye kit so you could do it the regular dip-it way or a fancier way.  We turned out some really good lookin' ones I would have to say.  So sorry too I took pictures and planned on putting some on here but we don't have the cable for my camera or a card reader.  So we will have to work on that and as soon and I fix that problem we will post plenty of pictures!  Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Relief Society Auction!!!!

Today Traci invited me to come to an auction dinner presented by our Relief Society.  I was very happy to have a friend since I'm in primary it is hard to get to know everyone.  The dinner was very fun and creative! The food was great but the auction was even greater.  Lots of people brought things they had made, i.e. cookies, bread, blankets, dresses, and dolls while others wrote on little pieces of paper what they would do, i.e. babysit, flower arrangements, and help scrapbooking.  We acquired money by the things we had done in our life, how many kids we had, had we gone to the temple this month, have we served a mission etc.  I knew what I wanted was a nice loaf of bread.  I don't make bread often, I love homemade bread and I knew Doug would appreciate it (especially since I skipped out on dinner tonight!)  So when the first loaf of bread came up I was ready! With $335 and my bidding number in hand the auctioneer called for $50.  My hand shot up as did several others. $75! $100! 150! 200!  It was back and forth between a few of us. '$225!' shouted my most persistent opponent.  '$250!' I returned....$275! $280! She really wasn't giving up but neither was I.  I didn't show that I was getting low on resources (I only had $335), hoping that she would give up with the thought that I would never quit, no matter how high it got.  '$290' she looked at me questioningly......'$310!' I smiled back wondering how far she'd go. 'Do I hear $320?' the auctioneer asked.  Defeat on her face, my opponent quit! I had won! A loaf of bread worth $310! It was a very enjoyable experience and had I had more money I would have continued bidding.  'Only in Relief Society,' I thought, 'could a loaf of bread be worth so much!'  I returned home with my winnings, very proud, and now as soon as Doug gets home I will enjoy a very expensive piece of toast and jam with my hubby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Water Aerobics

I am having a very fun semester with a stress relieving class of water aerobics.  It is a very fun way to exercise!  It is also the only exercise class recommended for pregnant women.  There are 5 in my class all at different stages in their pregnancy and all very much entertaining (I know my time will come when I waddle and can't bend over so I feel safe saying this).  Yesterday I enjoyed watching 3 of them race against each other in a relay! The object of the relay was to swim across the width of the pool holding a 1/2 cup measuring cup filled with water and poor the water into a bowl on the other side.  Not spilling the water is the hard part.  It was very funny!  They had the benefit of a noodle to help them float which I think was very helpful.  It was interesting to see the competitiveness come out as three very far along pregnant women struggled across the pool! I guess it is something you may have had to be there for.  Anyhow I enjoy their good natured attitude about their limitations and always being last to get done (Not to mention how cute they look in their swimsuits).  My time will come but for now I just have to laugh...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Longing for Summer!!!

Oh its been beautiful outside! I can say that because for the past five months its hasn't gotten above 25 degrees and has stayed mostly in the teens! oh the wonderful 30 degree weather is definitely refreshing!!! It felt so warm to me when we went outside the other day. I was thinking "Yes!! Warm Weather!!".......that is untill I talked to my mother on the phone. She informed me it was '80 degrees just the other day' and that 'dad has been outside in the yard all day'. I suddenly realized how crazy I was to be rejoicing in warm weather! 30 degrees!?!?!?! Now where I come from that's definitely cold!!!! Its now March 5th and almost summertime according to my book. Oh how I dream of wearing sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. I know I shouldn't complain because when it comes summertime I'll be thankful I'm in Idaho and not in Nevada, but oh how I long for that 75 and 80 degree weather my family is enjoying. I guess I will continue to sit and wait for the snow to melt and the grass to turn green. However long that might take.......

Leslie's Tag

Grown Up Tag RULES OF THE GAME: 1) Each player answers the following questions 2) After answering all the questions, the player tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment letting them know they are tagged! 10 years ago I was: Umm....I was in 4th grade! oh dear now I feel really young. The title of this is grown up tag right?!! 5 things on my list to do today: 1) Take a NAP! 2) Make dinner 3) Practice Piano 4) Do some homework 5) ummm....oh yeah I have a concert... Things I would do if I became a Billionaire: 1) Save! 2) pay off our house I guess 3) start college/mission funds for future kids 4) invest in some land 5) find some cabin land for my dad and our family! thats something we've always talked about going in on together. 6) I'd love to go on a cruise or visit europe or something fun! 7) I don't know??? 3 bad habits: 1) reading instead of doing homework or practicing 2) leaving the dishes for tomorrow 3) being a control freak 5 places I've lived: 1) Las Vegas 2) Moapa Valley 3) Rexburg 4) mmm......

5) .........very few places I know! Something most people don't know about me: Ummmm....Something that I've just come to realize is I hate to perform on the piano. I love to play but I hate to perform. Some people get all excited and feel wonderful on stage and I hate it! 5 jobs I've had: 1) McDonalds (yes one of my sad summer jobs) 2) Radioshack! 3) I did one on one work with an Autistic boy for almost 2 years! very fun and interestingly rewarding 4) Piano teacher 5) and I will someday add mother to this list which is sure to be a full time job! I Tag... 1) Brittany 2) Lara 3) Julie 4) umm everyone else already got tagged!