Friday, May 30, 2008

Camping Pictures

My dad bought this Razr for hunting and camping. Its way fun!  And its still small enough to go on all of the 4-wheeling trails. Here is Doug and the Razr.  We had a blast going on it but it was so cold we had to really bundle up.  My dad brought jumpsuits for everyone to wear and it really helped to keep us warm and clean. 
 We drove it up to this look out twice.  
The first time it was snowing and really cold (as you can see from the picture) and the second it was a lot sunnier.  This picture doesn't do the view justice.  We were up not too far from Bryce Canyon and so it kinda looked like this in a lot of areas.  The dirt was all really red and yellow. 
While we drove up to the lookout we saw a couple wild turkeys! Too bad I didn't get any picutres of those they were huge! It was a lot of fun. 
On Sunday it was finally sunny.  We play some card games and mostly relaxed.  We had a big dinner with the whole group. We go camping with 4 or 5 other families.  Now that we are all mostly married the group is expanding a lot.  There were tons of people to play kickball and capture the flag with!  We had a great time together and can't wait till next time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Yes, yes, I know I just wrote a blog about being more on top of things and writing more often.  Well I have a good excuse this time.  I was planning on posting and letting you all know I was going camping last weekend with my family.  However, my lovely internet stopped working and wouldn't load anything right on Friday.  So I just had to wait till I got back.  We went camping at Tropic Reservoir and froze!  It was down past Beaver, Ut so we figured that it wouldn't be too bad.  But boy were we wrong!  It snowed off and on every single day.  And when the sun did come out it was still too cold to not wear a sweater.  We still had lots of fun though!  And I've decided its great going camping when you are married because crawling into a freezing sleeping bag is great when there are a nice pair of warm legs to put your icy feet on.  : )  I'll post again about it when I can get some pictures up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Project Done

I finished making my pillow covers that match the Christmas blanket I made.  Here's a picture.

I tried to put a picture of the blanket and the pillows on but it wont work.  I did three pillows though and it turned out just great.  Now on to my next project.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doug's B-Day

It was Doug's Birthday on Saturday!  So we had a party for him with his family.  It was a lot of fun!!! We were going to have a bbq at his parents but while we were waiting Brad and Doug wanted to go out and shoot some old plastic apples Mom Hansen was getting rid of.  So Brad, Doug, Bryant, Traci, and I loaded into the car.  It was pretty fun here are some pictures. 

We also got to go to Prince Caspian and we loved it!  So you all should see it.  It is a bit different from the book but essentially the same.  
Doug got a grill from his parents!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!  I can't even believe it but it is just what he wanted.  And I got him a new swimmin suit and helped Grandma get him a camping pad.  So he had a great birthday and we all enjoyed beautiful weather.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Savings!!!

I have to tell you about my cereal savings.  Thanks to Mom Hansen,  I got a sweet deal.  I never shop at Albertson's but Mom told me they were having a great sale on Kellog's cereal.  It was 10 for $10! So we went down together on the last day of the sale.  I picked out 10 and she got 10.  When we got to the register it ended up being even less.  They gave us some $2.00 off coupons.  For some reason they gave Mom 3 coupons so her total was something like $4.  They only gave me 2 coupons so mine came out to be $6.  I was excited though! I'll take 10 boxes of cereal for $6!! Thats crazy!! One box of those costs almost $3!  So I just had to tell you all I got good name brand cereal for $.60 a box (I usually buy the bag stuff) : ).  I'm happy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tile Update

When I went down to Salt Lake, I happened to mention the fact that I needed to do something with my bathroom to my Uncle, GV.  He lays floors (tile, lamanent, wood, vinyl, etc...) so I thought he might have some tips for me before I dived in.  He asked if I had tile and I told him we were still looking.  Then He jumped up and said 'well come out here and look I have tons of left over tile.' Wonderful!! I know!! Free tile?!!?  I was so happy because we were a little worried about expenses and this could cut them in half.  So I jumped up and went out to his garage. And boy did he have tile.  The biggest problem wasn't that he didn't have very much but that he didn't have very much of a set kind.  I found tons of beautiful slate, granite and marble but there were only about 10 tiles each of them.  I finally settled on this 

It is lighter than in the picture.  It is off white and is almost the same color of our walls.  The smaller tile is granite (light tans, brown, and white) and we are going to cut that in half length ways to use it for an accent border.  We will probably put it in between the two rows or on top against the ceiling.  And he had 4 boxes left over of the big tile so we have enough to do the whole thing.  I am excited.  We will have to do some cutting on the tiles and I hope we can do it without breaking many.  We can probably afford to break some of the big tiles but the granite is limited.  And thats the problem with not buying the tile ourselves but oh well! I'll take what I can get, especially when the word free is involved : ) !!!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Salt Lake

I got to go to Salt Lake last weekend to see my Mom and some of my extended family.  It was perfect because Mother's Day was this weekend and I have been missing my Mom.  My Mom came up for a Primerica convention which she is involved in.  I decided to go and see her and go to the convention to see what this thing was all about.  It was fun.  The company helps people get out of debt and that is great! I'm just not ready to jump in and sign up.  Its a multi-level build  your own buisness company.  I think that its a great opportunity but the problem is motivation.  It is hard to stay motivated to do it when you are so busy with other things.  And most of you know I'm not to hip on doing the multi-level thing.    : )  But while I was there I found myself saying 'Yeah this is great! I could do that!'  I mean they have meetings every week to train you and keep you motivated.  Thats better than any other company Doug has signed up for.  And I kept thinking if they could keep me motivated this might be great!  Haha but of course after a few days I have more doubts.  I just keep having the thought that I could be good at it if I give it a chance.  The problem is I don't know if I want to take the risk of giving it a chance.  How about you guys?  How do you feel about things like this?  Have you ever tried them?  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh Dear

I have been really slacking on the whole posting part of blogging! And I have no excuse because I have so much free time.  I find a lot of my problem is simply coming up with things to post about.  A lot of the time I just forget but I am making a goal to be better at it. So with that in mind.....

Our bathroom has been giving us problems.  The shower and toilet are set apart from the sink and mirror, which is great! I love it! Except they are squeezed into such a small space that it is almost impossible to vent without leaving the door open.  I don't have a problem doing this but even so we have water damage on our walls.  The paint is peeling all above the shower and when I talked to our builder about it he made it clear that it was my problem but they would give me new paint to fix it with : (.  Not so fun! I just painted it 5 or 6 months ago! So Doug and I have come to a conclusion.  We are going to tile it (well we will depends on expenses).  But if we do we plan to do it ourselves.  We decided it would be a great summer project : ).  So I will have to take pictures and keep ya updated on how it goes.
Some other projects I have decided to do have to do with Christmas : )!  So I won't really tell you all what they are exactly otherwise all of my sister-in-laws would have no surprise.  But they have been taking up time (one of my many excuses for not posting).  
I also have been making pillow covers that match a christmas rag quilt I made last fall.  What better time to do it than during the summer! Its fun and I'll post pictures when I have them finished.  
I have been scrapbooking like mad! I figured if I don't get things done now whats going to happen when I have kids!?! I'll never do their pictures because I still haven't done trips and christmas and parties from before they were born.  So I have about 20 pages done and 20 pages to go of pictures and I'm sure our summer trips will give me that many more.   
Also my sister-in-law Richelle has made some of these, which are so cute I cant even believe it!  I have found some very cute fabric (which by the way was a $1 a yard YAY!) and plan to make some in my spare time.  Thanks Richelle for being so crafty! You inspire me : ).
My biggest summer goal however is to exercise! Not that I feel I need to loose weight because if I don't really.  But because I feel like I can't do much anymore.  Doug and I went rock climbing with Brad and Traci and I should have climbed but I didn't have the desire because 1) it was so stinking cold and 2) it just looked so hard and I wouldn't have got very far : ).  I know they are sad excuses but I plan on going climbing anyways next time because hey thats what helps get ya in shape right? So Doug and I have set a goal to run a 5k in June sometime (not much time I know) and I am gettin ready.  I plan to run everyday, no excuses.  If I mess up I am going to post it on here and all of you have to seriously scold me! : ) hey I need all the support I can get. 
So for now that is what I've been doing and I plan to keep up on posting so you dont have to worry about stopping by and being disappointed with the same old thing every time : )