Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 2

1- I must say I am going to be the most in shape I've been in years!  And all while I'm pregnant??!  Haha I am loving it!  I didn't exercise my full routine everyday this week because my back was killing me on Wed & Thursday.  But I did exercise everyday! Woohoo!

2- Still loving and rocking my lists!  I was talking to my dad and mom the other day on facetime.  I told them about my new To-Do list kind of living and my dad said, "A goal not written down is just a dream."  So true.  And I do find that when I don't make my list 1st thing in the morning I rarely do what I have already thought through.  It just helps to write it down.

3- Finances are looking better all of the time.  We decided to cancel a few things that we have been paying that we really don't use.  We cut almost $100 out of our monthly spending and it's gonna help savings so much!  We did decide to go out to dinner for V-day and I bought some yummy stuff to make, but we are still sitting good on our budget :).  See we can still have such fun AND save money!

- I got my blinds cleaned this week!  It was one of the big things on my long list of bigger To-Dos!  It took a while (and may have been the activity that set off my achy back) but I was so happy when I got done!! I'm glad, glad, glad to have clean windows and blinds to look out of.
- I had tons of fun sewing with one of my besties!  She is only about a month farther along than me and we sew almost weekly.  I made a bunch of reusable wipes a few weeks ago, and this week we worked on making reusable nursing pads!  She had all of this super absorbent fabric and we mostly got the circles cut out.  So I'll update when we finish them this week.  I'm excited :).
- Doug and I started celebrating Valentines this weekend.  I decided to make him something special every day of the weekend, including today and tomorrow.  He has a young mens thing on Valentines so we decided to do our 'Go-Out' date on Friday.  We ate yummy food and I made a fancy cake (I'll post pictures later).
- Saturday we decided to go cross country skiing.  It is a little tradition of ours I guess you could say.  Normally we rent a little cabin somewhere in Island Park, stay one night and cross country ski the next day at Harriman.  But we decided we should save money.  So we just took a drive Saturday after a yummy breakfast.  And we got to bring Burley with us (another plus to NOT staying in a cabin).  Burley loved it.  It was beautiful and sunny, and unfortunately I forgot my camera.  Boo!  Oh well we had a blast!

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Courtney Colver said...

Another good way to save money (if you have time) is make homemade laundry soap. It's super easy!