Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our oh so busy life

So we have been just going and going!  I finally found the chance to jump on the computer.  Doug has been fairly busy with his Elders Quorum President calling.  They finally have succeeded in putting all of the home teaching assignments together and have visited just about every member in their quorum.  
While he had spud harvest, Doug decided to build a ladder that we could get down into our crawl space with.  He very expertly measured and drew one out using all of his math skills : ).  He was very proud of the end result! (that is untill he realized his steps were just two inches too wide).  So he needs to go back and cut them smaller before he can complete it.
I very suddenly have acquired 10 piano students!  I know you might wonder how I have time.  I don't know but I do know the Lord is behind making my days stretch 3 or 4 hours longer.  I know I can't possibly do everything with out his help!  So these students came from a young piano teacher in my ward.  She decided she needed to focus more on her composing and recording and just couldn't teach them anymore.  She asked me if I would like her students and I said sure.  I officially start teaching them this week and I'm so excited!
School is just continuing on for both of us!  I have a lot of fun with my classes but they take up a lot of time.  I am doing homework more than I ever have in my whole life!  I can't believe that midterms are this week!  At least its a comfort to know this semesters half over.  Doug is going to start preparing for his december concert!  I love to watch his students perform.  He has so many of them its crazy. 
Well thats how our life is going....I will post later about our super fun murder mystery dinner we had this last saturday  and all of the cute things I did for our enrichment night.