Monday, August 23, 2010

July Continued...Anniversary and Birthday

After Brittany left we celebrated our anniversary and Burley's birthday, which happens to fall on the same day.  We didn't do anything too fancy.  Just dinner and hanging out with Burley but it was so much fun!  After 3 years we are more in love and happy than I could have ever imagined being. After seeing some friends and family do some husband posts I thought it was about time for me to do one!  So here goes...

Ten Things I Just LOVE About My Husband:

1 - He is the perfect person to help balance my crazy personality.  When I freak out he is there to calm me down, when I'm sad he makes me laugh and together we are just perfect!

JessicaDougsEngagements325.jpg picture by jessw91788
2 - He has the greatest sense of humor!  Its what attracted me to him in the beginning.  We both just get it.

3 - I just have to smile at the way the talks to our dog.  The way he so patiently explains what a horse is or how to read words...I can just see his fatherly instincts in little moments like that. (yes Burley is more like a person than a us anyways)
DSCN0235.jpg picture by jessw91788

4 - I love love love the way he can make any words fit into the melodies of classical songs or any songs for that matter.  Most of the words have something to do with how Burley is a good dog or is cute, or how mommy has lost her mind or is crazy : ).

5 -  He is the master of made up words that rhyme.  Another thing that makes me smile. Again these words have become about Burley more and more.

DSCN0506.jpg picture by jessw917886 - The fact that he loves to be outside doing something rather than sitting around.  He finds beauty in the world and to him thats the  perfect reason to climb a mountain, hike, camp, rock climb, waterski, cross country ski etc.

7 - I love that he does what he loves.  He didn't choose to be a teacher because we would make a million dollars.  He honestly loves music and teaching kids.  I sleep good knowing that he is happy when he goes to work and that he will come home just as happy.
DSCN0203.jpg picture by jessw91788

IMG_1063.jpg picture by jessw917888 - He is 100% supportive of me and my crazy endeavors.  He helps me when I need help, even if it is picking out fabric or something silly like that.  I feel like I am able to do things that fulfill my creative needs, and he will always be encouraging and supportive.

IMG_8468.jpg picture by jessw917889 - He is such a spiritual strength.  He serves in his callings so diligently, honors his priesthood, and leads our family.  His example helps me to become a better person.  I love that he has lived life the right way and is helping me to continue doing the right things so we will be able to be together forever!

JessicaDougsEngagements362.jpg picture by jessw9178810 - He loves me!  I love that I can see how he loves me in how he treats me, talks to me, and serves me.  All of those little things are huge to me!  I love that he loves me : )!

Love You Doug!
DSCN0553.jpg picture by jessw91788

Ok and for Burley's Birthday...Lets see if this video will work.

If the video stops but the sound keeps going, just pause it and drag the little dot a little and it should catch back up.  Finally a video with Burley doing some of his tricks.

A Very Eventful July

After we had a wonderful 4th, July just blew by.  Doug and I took a week and painted the outside of Grandma Hansen's house.  It was long hard work.  And it seriously took a week!  I kept teaching lessons through the summer so we were busy morning till night.  The house looks awesome though and really needed the paint job.

My sister, Brittany, came up the weekend after that.  It was so much fun to have her!  We got to spend time playing games, hiking, talking and just hanging out.  Her friend Amanda came down Saturday and we all went rock climbing out at Hiese.  Of course you cant go out to Hiese without eating Big Jud's!  We had a blast!

Me & my Sis hiking in Teton Canyon.  I just love the model look Britt : ).   I'm not sure she knew I was taking the picture. 
 Yes she is beautiful!
 DSCN0526.jpg picture by jessw91788  DSCN0524.jpg picture by jessw91788
Not only are the girls beautiful but the scenery was just breathtaking.
DSCN0559.jpg picture by jessw91788

And Brittany's first attempt at out door rock climbing.  I think she did pretty good eh?  It looks so tall in a picture.
DSCN0532.jpg picture by jessw91788
DSCN0538.jpg picture by jessw91788  

Burley's attempt at rock climbing.  That's his 'Mom what the heck are you trying to do to me!?' look.
DSCN0550.jpg picture by jessw91788     DSCN0551.jpg picture by jessw91788  
And the good lookin hubby...what else is there to say...: )
DSCN0546.jpg picture by jessw91788

Oh yes I forgot, there is more to say.  I must record the battle between Doug and The Horse Fly.  As we were walking through the brush and flowers in the canyon, breathing in the fresh mountain air, flies buzzed in and out of our path.  I wasn't too concerned about them, with a quick swat they flew away.  That is until I noticed a particular fly landing on Doug's pack.  

This was no ordinary fly.  It was a horse fly.  It was trying to hitch a ride and give his wings a rest I guess.   I told Doug there was a fly on him and he swatted at it, but the fly persisted.  It landed on his arms, his pants, his pack, his pants, his pants (well a particular area of his pants if you get what I mean).  It just wouldn't let up despite the constant swatting.  Thats when Doug's 'fly dance' (I'm going to call it that) began. 

Now in order to do the 'fly dance' you must first grab a long weed or grass out of the ground for swatting.  Then proceed to turn in circles, stamp your feet being sure to raise your knees high, and swat at your backside as quickly and as many times as possible.  It helps to yell things like "Fly!! Go away Fly!!"...."Stupid thing!!"......"Get off me or your gonna die!!"...."Leave me alone!!"  and other loud and threatening statements.  

Mind you if you do the 'fly dance' for more than 10's probably not working. : )  Brittany and I had the laugh of the century in the middle of the trail in Teton Canyon.  It was one of those laughs that 'hurts so bad you just want to stop laughing, but you can't help yourself' laughs.  I wish Brittany would have recorded it on her camera but maybe it was a 'you had to be there thing'  I don't know.  I just know I can't think about it without laughing.  And yes it went on for at least 10 minutes maybe more.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of July

The 4th of July was fun and pretty much the traditional 4th.  Sorry no pictures : (.  We started the day with the parade.  We went with Doug's Dad, Dallin & Leslie, and their kids.  We decided to bring Burley and see how he did.  He was actually great!  Besides trying to steal the kids candy and wanting to say hi to the millions of people there, he was content to sit and watch the parade.

After the parade we went of to Dallin & Leslie's house for a quick lunch bbq (which was fabulous)  and then all went to see Toy Story 3.  We loved the movie and it was nice to be able to relax for a couple hours.  We had planned to go rock climbing but our poor nephew fell and broke his arm a few days before the 4th.  So a movie was a great alternative.

We took a quick nap and then headed out for the Maleluca Freedom Celebration.  Doug, his Dad, and brothers usually play in the orchestra, which gets us a free meal and great seats for the firework show.  After eating we laid our quilts down to enjoy (with a few laughs here and there)  the patriotic program : ).  And of course after the program we watched the most spectacular firework show I've ever seen.  It was amazing and beautiful!  

On the following Monday we went again over to Dallin and Leslie's to enjoy some home fireworks!  It was fun to watch the grown men act like little boys and my niece and nephew doing sparklers and snaps.  All in all we had a wonderful holiday filled with family and fun!