Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My New Job....Well, My OLD New Job

The Lord is very mindful of us!! I have been reminded of this over and over in the last couple of months.  As you all know we are planning to adopt and have been finding was to save and raise money for it.  Doug and I had been talking for a while about me finding another job that I could do along with teaching piano.   We bounced a few ideas around but nothing really ever seemed to fit or even work with my schedule.  And thats when the miracle happened.

We got home one night and had a message on our phone from someone in our ward.  He owns a donut shop that recently opened in town.  He was calling to ask Doug about any families in the ward who were out of work and might need a job.  Doug had just gotten released from Elders Quorum President a few weeks before.  We didn't know if this Brother knew he had been released.  So Doug called him back and talked to him about how he was no longer the President but could think of a few people in the ward he could contact.

As they were talking I heard Doug say, "Well my wife might actually be interested in that position.  I mean I don't want to speak for her but that is something that may actually fit with her schedule.  And I don't want to take the job from another family in need, but if you wouldn't mind keeping her in mind as a possibility..."  They talked for a while longer and as soon as he got off the phone I asked him what that was all about.  He told me that they had a baking position that was open and the hours would be from 2 am to 7 or 9ish for about 3 days a week.  That it wasn't a full time job but they definitely wanted to see my resume and interview me the next day at 8 am.

I went and talked with them and found out more about the job.  It was more than I could have ever hoped for!!  It wasn't a full time job because they don't have the ability to offer benefits yet so it is a max 35 hour/week job (pretty much full time).  It would be 3 days a week at 2 am and then 3 days a week at 6 am.  It worked perfectly with my schedule, and they are the most awesome people!!  I left the interview with it at, "Think about it, talk to your husband, and if it will work for you call me sometime tomorrow and we will get started."  Of course 2 am isn't the most lovely time to get up : ), but it is perfect with my schedule of teaching piano lessons in the afternoon.  Heavenly Father dropped the answer to our prayers in our laps!!

So Doug had talked to him on Tuesday, Wednesday I interviewed with them, Thursday we officially got the job, and Friday I went in to start being trained.  It was a miracle.  This all happened the week before our Christmas Benefit Concert.  It was an answer to our prayers!

I have been working for over a month now and it is really an awesome job.  The people I work with are amazing and the best bosses I could ask for.  I actually enjoy my 2 am shifts!  It's when I get to talk with them and learn more about them and the manager.  The manager and his wife just finalized their 2nd adoption, this one through the foster care system.  Our Heavenly Father blessed us again by putting someone in our life that has direct experience with what we are going through.  I have learned a lot from them and been blessed to learn more about different options in adoption.

I am just so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this immense blessing.  We are having so many of our needs met through the people I work with and the financial stability the job gives us.  I just kept wondering how can we ask our Father in Heaven to bless us with a child through adoption when we aren't financially ready to pay for the fees involved.  I knew adoption was the answer for us, but I couldn't help asking "How?" over and over.  I know when our Heavenly Father gives us an answer that doesn't seem possible, He will provide a way if we are willing. It would have been really easy to say, "2 am?!!? Are you crazy?  That is so not worth it."  But it is worth it and I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for this blessing.  I'm thankful to the owners for following the spirit and calling Doug even though they knew he had been released.  I'm thankful to the manager for sharing his thoughts and experiences with me so that I can be more prepared for our child to enter our lives.  And I'm grateful to my Husband for his love and support in this job.  For dealing with me being gone sometimes when he gets up, and going to bed at 8 (or earlier) so I can get up.  Well I had to write about this and my feelings, more for myself than anyone else.  So come try some donuts at Paradise Donuts in Rexburg.  They are the best donuts around!!