Saturday, December 12, 2009


Thanksgiving was wonderful!  We spent it here in Rexburg with Doug's family.  I just love getting ready for the 'big dinner', when everyone is in the kitchen helping, and making delicious food.  True the food is delicious but its more than that.  Its about the fact that family is all gathered together.  That you can feel the love that is being shared as everyone is happy to help and contribute.  Thats what I love about the tradition of a 'big dinner' on thanksgiving day.

My other favorite thing, something that is a tradition in the Hansen Family, is going around the table and saying what you are thankful for.  It is a wonderful opportunity to share your feelings with your family that you don't often share.  I always come away feeling uplifted and having my testimony strengthened!  Thanks family for all of your wonderful examples!

The Hansen Family (minus a few truly missed members)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

September/Halloween Catch-Up

Septemeber brought us to my birthday and of course a fantastic birthday present: Burley!  The cutest little fuzzball on this planet : )!
 IMG_1218.jpg image by jessw91788   IMG_1219.jpg image by jessw91788   IMG_1324.jpg image by jessw91788
We went to visit Becca & Craig in Twin Falls over Labor Day weekend and stopped to pick him up in Burley (no its not a coincidence that this happens to be our pups name) on the way home.  He was so tiny and cute I just can't believe how he has grown up so fast!
He was not too bad to potty train.  He actually caught on rather quickly and only had one accident every couple days.  It was kind of funny because he never would whine at the door or scratch when he needed to go.  Instead he would just come up to you,  sit, and stare at you, willing you to read his mind and the fact that he needed to go outside.  Needless to say potty training only took about 3 weeks and now he never has a problem with it.
I have really enjoyed teaching him tricks and taking pictures of him.  For those of you who know him, you know that these pictures don't do him justice.  He is just way too cute.
His first time digging.  He loved it! He had such a messy
face afterwards though : ).
IMG_1326.jpg image by jessw91788     IMG_1325.jpg image by jessw91788
Playing outside at Doug's parent's house.
IMG_1341.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_1338-1.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_2859.jpg image by jessw91788
Just being adorable.  He climbed up onto this shelf we have in the kitchen and just sat there watching us do whatever.  It was too cute not to take a picture.
IMG_2880.jpg image by jessw91788
Ok moving on : ) I will have many more posts about Burley with lots more pictures.
Halloween was a lot of fun!  I just love to see little kids dress up and enjoy all of the colors that come with fall!  I'm not a fan of the scary stuff.  We had fun doing another murder mystery dinner with Doug's family.  We even got to have Becca and Craig come do it with us.  Here are the great pictures : )
IMG_1356.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_1364.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_1357.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_1358.jpg image by jessw91788IMG_1360.jpg image by jessw91788  IMG_1361.jpg image by jessw91788
I don't know how we missed Mom & Dad Hansen but they looked fabulous as well.  We enjoyed lunch together and a good mystery.