Saturday, February 4, 2012

Looking Down!!

I looked down today while I was getting ready and realized I had to lean forward a little before I could see my feet!  My belly always looks so much bigger to me, probably because I look down on it, than it does to other people.  Everyone keeps saying I don't even look pregnant :).  I'm sure they are being nice.  I think the bump has really started to pop out this last week and I can't suck it in anymore ha!  So Here's what I saw today at 16 & 1/2 weeks....
It looks way bigger from this view!!
And here's the side view.

My bloating has gone way down and so all thats left is real baby bump.  It almost feels like I was bigger in week 14 and 15 than I am now at almost 17 weeks.  Or maybe its the button up shirts that make me look so big :) Here's the proof.
14 weeks and 15 weeks.
I don't know what do you think?


Allyson said...

Your little baby belly is so cute!! I am so excited for you!
It is funny when your belly grows and you think there is no way it can get any bigger but it does!

Becca & Craig said...

I can't believe you're 17 weeks're almost half way!!! You look so cute, Jessica! We miss you guys and can't wait to for your next ultrasound :).

Richelle said...

Such a cute little baby belly. :)