Sunday, April 19, 2009

Schools out!!......Or so I thought.

I'm finally done, with the exception of one online class, with my Associates in Piano Pedagogy!!!  Yay!  This past week was so wonderful with no school.  I only had piano teaching to worry about and helping Becca plan her wedding.  But by the end of the week I must admit, I got a little bored.  I think its because I've been so busy since I started college, so when I get some freedom it seems like I have so much time with so little to do.

So this brings me to my big announcement.......*drum roll*.......
I'm going back to school : ).  Tomorrow actually : ).  What am I thinking???  Well you see.....I had to take this one class this summer so I can graduate.  Its a 3 credit class and so it was going to cost me about $400.  Thats quite a bit for one silly class but I had to do it so I got online and registered for it.  A couple days later(last friday actually) I received an e-mail telling me that my scholarship information was updated.  "What scholarship info?" I asked myself, "I'm off track this semester.  hmmmmm."  So I got into my account and found that I had been awarded full tuition scholarship this summer if I took a full load of classes!  
My first thought was, "Too bad I only need one class.  I'll have to pay for it anyways."  Then the little thought that had been in the back of my head for the past two semesters crept up.  "We'll I did want to try to get an Associates in Professional Preschool Education.  Although last time I talked to the academic office they pretty much acted like that wouldn't be possible." And with that little thought I became very determined.  I decided that I would have to really find out.  So I jumped back online, registered for the classes I needed to get started (its amazing they weren't all full), and headed up to the college to see if it was possible.
After about an hour of talking to "someone else"  I finally nailed it down.  As long as I fill out a paper graduation form and then petition to change my major it should all work out.  Now the catch is that I have to petition, which means that they can tell me no, but they acted like it wouldn't be a problem to switch my major.  And the beautiful thing about it is I can be done by the end of next summer!! I could have just continued in music and gotten a bachelors in piano performance but I don't really like to perform, and I've already got the teaching degree. Now I get to gain new skills and do another degree that is similar to what I was leaning towards when I first started college (early childhood special ed)!  
Needless to say I'm excited and no longer bored : )...........  Just don't ask me in a month if I'm glad I'm in school.