Friday, September 19, 2008

Hmmm.....Long time no blog!

Ok so I have been horrible!  School started and I don't know what happened to me!  I'm so busy I haven't even had a chance to check others blogs in two weeks let alone post on mine.  So heres the rundown on the last part of summer and the beginning of school.   

We went to a couple reunions in August it was really fun.  We had the Boyer Reunion here in Rexburg and then the Quick Reunion in Lehi utah.  For a great rundown on that you can read my sisters post here.  It was a lot of fun to see all of our family.  
Doug, Me, Bryant, Rachel, and Becca decided to hike to the top of Table Rock to see the Tetons right in front of our faces. It was my last fling before school officially started.   It was a wonderful hike.  The scenery was beautiful even for 12 miles : ).  We were all very sore but extremely happy that we had done it.  
School started for me and I found out I was the class sequence schedule I was following was missing 4 classes that I need before I can graduate in the winter.  So I am pretty busy I am taking 18 credits and when your a music major it means you have about 9 classes.  Its only the second week of school and I feel a little like I've been ran over by a bus.  I have a lot of reading and it gets a little mentally draining while walking all over campus is physically draining.  I'm excited to learn though!  I love school and am excited for what I get to do this semester.  
It was my birthday on the 17 and I had a great time.  Doug got me beautiful flowers then took me to dinner in Idaho Falls.  My biggest present was a good winter coat (something I've never needed before moving to Rexburg).  We had cake and ice cream with Dougs family and my family called to wish me a Happy Birthday!  It was very fun.
So thats what's been going on.  Maybe this semester will get easier as it goes on and I'll have more time to get on and post.  If not just know that I am wishing I could and I do still try to read all of your blogs!