Saturday, July 19, 2008

Very Busy!

We have been very busy this last week. Doug has been involved in directing Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. It has been a great experience for him! He has had quite a few practices which I'm not too crazy about, but it has turned out great. I am going to go see it tonight with his family. I had juries this last week. I think they went pretty well. You never get used to playing for a grade. I had a big mess up at the recital part of my jury : ). I smile at it because it was avoidable. The guy in front of me got up and couldn't get his piece started. He would get a few notes out and then have a memory slip. He tried 4 or 5 times before he could get going. So I sat there and thought I don't want to do that so I better know how my piece starts. I thought through it picturing the notes on the page and what they were feeling confident I knew my piece. But when I sat at the piano my fingers simply would not start it. I stopped and thought through the notes once more and still couldn't get started. Now Doug and I have decided that my analytical side of my brain overpowered the side that feels and does things naturally. Its ok I played the rest of the piece great and even had the chance to play it again later in my jury to redeem myself. We also have been very busy finally tiling our bathroom but since I don't have the pictures on this computer I will leave that for another day.


Richelle said...

I'm glad you got through your piece despite the rough start. You would think that after practicing so much you would be able to start--the joys of pressure to perform. :) Hope the musical is good tonight!

Brittany & Gary said...

Wow, how nerve-wracking! How many people do you have to perform in front of? I couldn't do that. Heck I couldn't play hymns in young womens with people singing along without freaking out. I'd speed up & slow down & make the silliest mistakes even though I'd practiced so much I had the hymn memorized. Yeah, you can play the piano for both of us. Keep up the good work.
p.s. I don't like the sound of "juries". It just sounds to ominous.

Lyndi said...

Whoops! Totally haven't looked at the blog in about . . . 3 weeks! Sorry I missed you guys. I was in St. Louis and then I was in DC, and now I'm back in Provo. But you're right. Being at home, taking a break, is really nice. Reads like you and Doug have been busy with school and life! I'll try and keep up, now that I'm back to where computer access is readily available. :)