Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We have been pretty busy and so I haven't blogged in a while. However it doesn't mean I havent tried. My Internet has decided to be the biggest pain in the world. It will work just long enough (sometimes) to read other blogs and check my e-mail (rarely). But as soon as I have a real reason to use it (such as blogging, or looking something up), it immediately drops the connection to the server and won't work. My solution was to call the company! Of course if you have problems with the server its the company's fault right? So they tried all kinds of troubleshooting with the modem and asked me more questions than I wanted to answer. In the end they wanted to come and put a dish up on my house to boost my reception (we have wireless internet you see). That wouldn't work because our homeowners association is trying to set up a deal where there will be one dish for internet and one dish for tv on each building. Anyone who puts up anymore dishes before that is all worked out can be fined. So I talked to the president of the HOA. He said if we could just stick it out I could get a better deal with better service in two weeks. I decided that sounded ok so we are still stuck without properly working internet. You might be asking how it is that I'm blogging right now. Well I came to the school with Doug to set up his room. His computer works just fine! I guess if I really need something we can just come up here. Hey it works for me : ). OH and did I mention that our phone has not been working for two weeks? : ) ......grrrr... : ) I have to just smile and remind myself that those are just little things compared to what is really important. : )

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