Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Relief Society Auction!!!!

Today Traci invited me to come to an auction dinner presented by our Relief Society.  I was very happy to have a friend since I'm in primary it is hard to get to know everyone.  The dinner was very fun and creative! The food was great but the auction was even greater.  Lots of people brought things they had made, i.e. cookies, bread, blankets, dresses, and dolls while others wrote on little pieces of paper what they would do, i.e. babysit, flower arrangements, and help scrapbooking.  We acquired money by the things we had done in our life, how many kids we had, had we gone to the temple this month, have we served a mission etc.  I knew what I wanted was a nice loaf of bread.  I don't make bread often, I love homemade bread and I knew Doug would appreciate it (especially since I skipped out on dinner tonight!)  So when the first loaf of bread came up I was ready! With $335 and my bidding number in hand the auctioneer called for $50.  My hand shot up as did several others. $75! $100! 150! 200!  It was back and forth between a few of us. '$225!' shouted my most persistent opponent.  '$250!' I returned....$275! $280! She really wasn't giving up but neither was I.  I didn't show that I was getting low on resources (I only had $335), hoping that she would give up with the thought that I would never quit, no matter how high it got.  '$290' she looked at me questioningly......'$310!' I smiled back wondering how far she'd go. 'Do I hear $320?' the auctioneer asked.  Defeat on her face, my opponent quit! I had won! A loaf of bread worth $310! It was a very enjoyable experience and had I had more money I would have continued bidding.  'Only in Relief Society,' I thought, 'could a loaf of bread be worth so much!'  I returned home with my winnings, very proud, and now as soon as Doug gets home I will enjoy a very expensive piece of toast and jam with my hubby.


Neil and Lara said...

This story is hilarious! I hope you enjoyed the high roller toast! I still want to see pictures of you and Doug! Talk to you soon!

LAHansen said...

That is so funny! We had a couple of auctions like that when I was in the 13th ward & they were always rip-roaring fun! Wish I could have been there too!