Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leslie's Tag

Grown Up Tag RULES OF THE GAME: 1) Each player answers the following questions 2) After answering all the questions, the player tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment letting them know they are tagged! 10 years ago I was: Umm....I was in 4th grade! oh dear now I feel really young. The title of this is grown up tag right?!! 5 things on my list to do today: 1) Take a NAP! 2) Make dinner 3) Practice Piano 4) Do some homework 5) ummm....oh yeah I have a concert... Things I would do if I became a Billionaire: 1) Save! 2) pay off our house I guess 3) start college/mission funds for future kids 4) invest in some land 5) find some cabin land for my dad and our family! thats something we've always talked about going in on together. 6) I'd love to go on a cruise or visit europe or something fun! 7) I don't know??? 3 bad habits: 1) reading instead of doing homework or practicing 2) leaving the dishes for tomorrow 3) being a control freak 5 places I've lived: 1) Las Vegas 2) Moapa Valley 3) Rexburg 4) mmm......

5) .........very few places I know! Something most people don't know about me: Ummmm....Something that I've just come to realize is I hate to perform on the piano. I love to play but I hate to perform. Some people get all excited and feel wonderful on stage and I hate it! 5 jobs I've had: 1) McDonalds (yes one of my sad summer jobs) 2) Radioshack! 3) I did one on one work with an Autistic boy for almost 2 years! very fun and interestingly rewarding 4) Piano teacher 5) and I will someday add mother to this list which is sure to be a full time job! I Tag... 1) Brittany 2) Lara 3) Julie 4) umm everyone else already got tagged!

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LAHansen said...

Way to go Jessica! Yours was awesome. I love what you were doing 10 years ago! You are so cute and it's fun to know more good things about you!