Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby!

So after finding out we were having a boy I have been all consumed with finishing little projects, working on the crib set, and accumulating baby stuff.  I must say I'm pretty darn good at finding a great deal on gently used things.  Here's what my baby findings have included:

A beautiful all wood crib, but with a pine finish (my least favorite look!).  Normally it was $400.  I found it on craigslist for much much less (think hundreds less) and my sweet parents bought it for me.  We did a little work to it and this is the finished product, which I love!  Here's your sneak peak of the nursery stuff.

A baby swing, barely used for a few months.  $30 and it is like new!

Baby bouncer for free!!  It was a pretty big mess when I picked it up, but with some stain remover and laundry soap it cleaned up really nice.  I love that it has a net for outside, especially since I'll have the rest of the summer to enjoy!

Baby clothes, gently used and $.25 a piece.  Can I just say I love Mommy n Me!!  I didn't want to go out and buy a ton of clothes before I had a baby shower but I just couldn't handle not picking some things out myself.  I spent $7 total and my Mother-in-law spent $2.25? and here are my spoils!  Pretty Good!!

An Ergobaby backpack carrier for our hiking adventures.  Normally $160, bought new @ $89.  We decided we would really use this much more than a stroller and would rather put our money into the backpack.  And I love it!

Speaking of strollers, I had decided not to worry about getting one.  Well a friend picked up a bunch of free stuff including a stroller.  She decided to buy a new stroller and gave me the free one.  Still needs some clean up but hey, it's FREE!!

A Medela double electric breast pump, normally $300ish.  I found it used for $125 and will just buy new membranes, tubing etc.  It's in great condition and was used for just one child.  And this is my Grandparent's gift.  They love to gift money so that you can just get what you need.  Thanks Grandpa!!  I will definitely need a pump with all of my Let's Play Music classes and piano lessons.

Oh and way back when we were on the adoption list I found a great pack n' play gently used, with the bassinet and mobile for $50? I think?  It was quite some time ago and almost forgot I had that.

So all of these big item things that can really add up have been great finds!  I'm so excited to have actually need baby things!  I can't wait to use them all and am so happy I've kept more money in my pocket.

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Richelle said...

Great finds! I'm all for great deals on gently used stuff. I can't wait to find out what I'm having so I can shop the yard sales around here all summer.
You may not think you will use a stroller much, but having one that your carseat hooks onto, is SO useful.