Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2nd Trimester

Ok so my picture taking was horrible the 2nd trimester!!  I really tried but had too many problems with my camera.  It didn't work for a little bit, then I left it up at Doug's  parents and couldn't remember where it was, then it got left in Nevada!  So yes I was horrible.  Here are my few preggo pics I haven't posted yet.
21 Weeks

24 Weeks

Things I want to remember about the 2nd Trimester:
-Tons of energy!!  I didn't think I was all that tired the first trimester, but I definitely have had lots more energy the past few months.
-Big kicks and tons of movement!  I love how the baby had plenty of room to move around and he definitely did lots of somersaults during the 2nd Tri.  I notice now that I'm getting bigger he is staying in one position for longer amounts of times.
-The cute belly.  I love this middle time, where I'm still not too big to feel huge, but my belly is definitely sticking out and looking pregnant.  It was easy to still feel cute in the 2nd trimester.
- Good sleep.  I got a ton of good sleep throughout this last trimester.  Near the end I noticed a lot more awake times where I was uncomfortable and bathroom trips began increasing.  But for the most part I enjoyed easy sleeping!
- Finding out it was a BOY!!  I am so super excited for a Momma's Boy too!  I can't wait and have had so much fun dreaming and planning and doing little projects!
-Getting to start working on the nursery!  I love it and can't wait for it to be finished. 
-The only thing I didn't enjoy was the heartburn I would get once or twice a week.  So not fun, but really so worth it!!
- I guess there's one more thing I haven't enjoyed :) trying to pick out a name that Doug and I can agree on!  So we decided to wait till we meet him and are both happier with that decision!

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Richelle said...

I'm looking forward to this myself! You have a very cute baby bump. I wish I could be at your shower. I will make sure and send something, sometime.