Monday, August 23, 2010

July Continued...Anniversary and Birthday

After Brittany left we celebrated our anniversary and Burley's birthday, which happens to fall on the same day.  We didn't do anything too fancy.  Just dinner and hanging out with Burley but it was so much fun!  After 3 years we are more in love and happy than I could have ever imagined being. After seeing some friends and family do some husband posts I thought it was about time for me to do one!  So here goes...

Ten Things I Just LOVE About My Husband:

1 - He is the perfect person to help balance my crazy personality.  When I freak out he is there to calm me down, when I'm sad he makes me laugh and together we are just perfect!

JessicaDougsEngagements325.jpg picture by jessw91788
2 - He has the greatest sense of humor!  Its what attracted me to him in the beginning.  We both just get it.

3 - I just have to smile at the way the talks to our dog.  The way he so patiently explains what a horse is or how to read words...I can just see his fatherly instincts in little moments like that. (yes Burley is more like a person than a us anyways)
DSCN0235.jpg picture by jessw91788

4 - I love love love the way he can make any words fit into the melodies of classical songs or any songs for that matter.  Most of the words have something to do with how Burley is a good dog or is cute, or how mommy has lost her mind or is crazy : ).

5 -  He is the master of made up words that rhyme.  Another thing that makes me smile. Again these words have become about Burley more and more.

DSCN0506.jpg picture by jessw917886 - The fact that he loves to be outside doing something rather than sitting around.  He finds beauty in the world and to him thats the  perfect reason to climb a mountain, hike, camp, rock climb, waterski, cross country ski etc.

7 - I love that he does what he loves.  He didn't choose to be a teacher because we would make a million dollars.  He honestly loves music and teaching kids.  I sleep good knowing that he is happy when he goes to work and that he will come home just as happy.
DSCN0203.jpg picture by jessw91788

IMG_1063.jpg picture by jessw917888 - He is 100% supportive of me and my crazy endeavors.  He helps me when I need help, even if it is picking out fabric or something silly like that.  I feel like I am able to do things that fulfill my creative needs, and he will always be encouraging and supportive.

IMG_8468.jpg picture by jessw917889 - He is such a spiritual strength.  He serves in his callings so diligently, honors his priesthood, and leads our family.  His example helps me to become a better person.  I love that he has lived life the right way and is helping me to continue doing the right things so we will be able to be together forever!

JessicaDougsEngagements362.jpg picture by jessw9178810 - He loves me!  I love that I can see how he loves me in how he treats me, talks to me, and serves me.  All of those little things are huge to me!  I love that he loves me : )!

Love You Doug!
DSCN0553.jpg picture by jessw91788

Ok and for Burley's Birthday...Lets see if this video will work.

If the video stops but the sound keeps going, just pause it and drag the little dot a little and it should catch back up.  Finally a video with Burley doing some of his tricks.


Becca & Craig said...

Cute post, Jessica! I love those pictures, especially the first one of you two. Doug is a pretty awesome brother. Happy Anniversary and birthday (to Burley)!

The LaFebers said...

I know this is late but Happy Anniversary! This post and all the pictures are so cute! I love you both and I wish you many many more years of happiness :)

Jebb and Brandie Huskinson said...

how are you doing? yhsnk you so much for your help last month. how are you doing? how is the baby deal?
love ya