Sunday, June 29, 2008

Suzuki Camp

Ok so I haven't posted for another week. And as always I have a good excuse. Really. I do. . . 
This last week Doug was teaching at Suzuki Camp in Boise.  It was my first time going and it was pretty fun.  It's just a camp where kids come and take classes from a bunch of different teachers who teach Suzuki.  
Doug had 4 classes he taught so I sat in and observed on some of the piano classes while he was busy.  I was never taught Suzuki method until I took some lessons from Mom Hansen so it was good to see how to teach younger kids (since the way Mom taught me isn't exactly how I would teach beginners).  I also got to observe another piano teacher which has given me a variety of ways to help students with different learning styles.
Dallin and Leslie came up also to teach and put their little girl through for her first time.  So my other time was occupied watching their very active two year old so Leslie would be able to be in classes without worrying about disrupting it.  It was a lot of fun for me.  I've always loved babysitting and its even better when you don't have to work very hard because this little boy entertains himself so easily.  
The other part of my time was taken up with practicing.  I have only 3 weeks till school is over which means juries are coming up.  I was glad that this was a music camp and I had plenty of time to access a nice piano to practice on.   
So that was my last week in a nutshell.  Very busy and no access to a computer (which is my other excuse for not posting).  We had lots of fun and are just getting prepared for another busy week.  The Hansen Family Reunion! I'm excited to see all of my brother and sister - in - laws.  It will be fun and I'll keep ya posted on activities.

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