Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Salt Lake

I got to go to Salt Lake last weekend to see my Mom and some of my extended family.  It was perfect because Mother's Day was this weekend and I have been missing my Mom.  My Mom came up for a Primerica convention which she is involved in.  I decided to go and see her and go to the convention to see what this thing was all about.  It was fun.  The company helps people get out of debt and that is great! I'm just not ready to jump in and sign up.  Its a multi-level build  your own buisness company.  I think that its a great opportunity but the problem is motivation.  It is hard to stay motivated to do it when you are so busy with other things.  And most of you know I'm not to hip on doing the multi-level thing.    : )  But while I was there I found myself saying 'Yeah this is great! I could do that!'  I mean they have meetings every week to train you and keep you motivated.  Thats better than any other company Doug has signed up for.  And I kept thinking if they could keep me motivated this might be great!  Haha but of course after a few days I have more doubts.  I just keep having the thought that I could be good at it if I give it a chance.  The problem is I don't know if I want to take the risk of giving it a chance.  How about you guys?  How do you feel about things like this?  Have you ever tried them?  


Brittany & Gary said...

Well, I think that Primerica isn't your typical multilevel business. I'm very against multilevels business because I think they just suck you dry & end up costing you way more money & stress. The thing about Primerica is you're not selling a useless trinket or a fad that will always pass. You are helping people learn about how to manage their money! Right now so many people are uneducated & so far in debt. Primerica can take your house payment & turn your 30 year loan into 15. Who doesn't want that? Then they look at your life insurance and your investments so you can be financially stable when you retire. The best part about the whole thing is it's free information for the client. Of course if the client chooses to refinance or invest there is always money involved (closing costs & such), but the client isn't handing money over to the Primerica consultant for the consult and advice. The thing about other mulitlevels is you have to push other people to buy things they don't really need or want. But with Primerica you're really helping people save money, not spend it. And everybody needs the service. That makes me feel comfortable with the business. But of course, if you want to be successful with it, it does require some work & dedication. But we both know that anything worthwhile needs that. I think it would be a great thing to do, but for me it's all about the timing. Don't jump into anything you're not mentally prepared for. You get out of it what you put into it. I'd wait to see it work for the people in your family. Once you see it work for them, then you know it's possible for you. Mom's confidence and knowledge has grown so much and that to me makes it worth it.

Traci said...

I'm with you on not trusting those types of businesses. My experience has always been that they're not all they are cracked up to be. (Hello ACN.) I don't know anything about Primerica though. I'd say just trust your instincts and make sure you can handle a little set back financially if you decide to do it and it doesn't work out.

Leslie said...

I know MLM schemes are usually schemes, but there are some good companies that are MLM type companies. I am considering Tupperware myself. Why? Because the product is great and it's something everyone needs & I believe in them. If this is something you want to do...just be sure that it is something you believe in and then be committed to it. For me, its gotta be something that I'm getting involved in because it's something I want to have as a part of my life...not just something I think I can earn money doing. Does that make sense? Good luck...can't wait to hear what you decide!

Doug & Jessica said...

Thanks guys for your comments. I am not ready to just jump into anything. I think Brittany's right about waiting to see how my family does in it. Thats what I told Doug to do about ACN......."wait till Bryant gets going and see if its really something you want to do".....and he jumped in anyways. I'll think about it real hard first. : )

Bryce said...

I don't know much at all about Primerica, and I have never participated in a MLM company before, so take that into account with what I have to say.

From what I understand, in MLM you make your money by recruiting, not by selling the actual product. If you are okay with that, you can probably do all right.

If you want to learn about and work in the Financial Services industry, I'd start out by getting a few personal finance books from the library and start by getting familiar with what they say. If you still like the idea, take some classes at the University, go through the process to get licensed, and then get a job in the industry.

I wouldn't go for this, but I'm not you :)