Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doug's B-Day

It was Doug's Birthday on Saturday!  So we had a party for him with his family.  It was a lot of fun!!! We were going to have a bbq at his parents but while we were waiting Brad and Doug wanted to go out and shoot some old plastic apples Mom Hansen was getting rid of.  So Brad, Doug, Bryant, Traci, and I loaded into the car.  It was pretty fun here are some pictures. 

We also got to go to Prince Caspian and we loved it!  So you all should see it.  It is a bit different from the book but essentially the same.  
Doug got a grill from his parents!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!  I can't even believe it but it is just what he wanted.  And I got him a new swimmin suit and helped Grandma get him a camping pad.  So he had a great birthday and we all enjoyed beautiful weather.


Traci and Brad said...

Those are great pictures! We had a fun day with you guys. (Let's just not tell anyone I totally missed the apple. . . twice!) ha ha

Richelle said...

Looks like fun!

Leslie said...

I am so glad Doug got a grill (I think he's been hinting about that for a while...no?)! Sorry we weren't there to party too. Glad Cheryl is finally getting rid of those sad apples! I guess there's no going back now, hu?:)