Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whats been going on...

Our lives have been kind of busy this past little while.  While Doug is teaching Orchestra I've been a full time student.  School work keeps me pretty busy most days.  Just last weekend we were swamped with the temple dedication.   The community/college put on a celebration for the history of Rexburg and a thing called the wagon box prophesy.  It was really neat! Back when the LDS people settled Rexburg the land was awful and the winters were even worse than they are now.  Wilford Woodruff came up to Rexburg one Sunday and made a prophesy standing on a wagon.  He said that the land would be blessed and that he could see schools of learning, beautiful houses, chapels and temples dotting the land of Idaho.  There are now I believe three temples in Idaho. The celebration that was put on included over 600 primary kids, probably about 200 fiddlers, and at least 100 dancers plus the 100 college kids in choir.  It was amazing and took a lot of work.  The Temple was dedicated the next day and it was very special.  Doug and I have to make appointments to do sessions its that crowded up here!  But yeah thats the major things that have been happening in our lives.

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