Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Never Ending Cooking Problems

With a title like that you'd think I hate to cook.  Well I love to cook and I think thats one of the biggest problems.  I love to try new things and feel a great sense of accomplishment if they turn out. 

Just two thursdays ago, for Valentines Day, I asked Doug what one of his favorite meals were.  And of course he picks something I've never really made: Lasagna.  That was ok.  I was up to the challenge but as I looked for any recipes, I found that they all made huge amounts.  I didn't want to ruin it by trying to downsize it and then just getting it all wrong.  So I just followed the recipe.  
It turned out great, I'm glad to say, but today we still have half the pan sitting in our fridge.  This was also the problem when I made enchiladas (which were almost gone before I had to through some out).  Casserole, meatloaf, soup, and even hamburger helper! I can never just have leftovers for one night they last at least three! 
Needless to say I get a little frustrated because even I don't like to eat the same leftovers that many times in a row.  If anyone has recipes for two, Please! Please! help me out here.


Neil and Lara said...

Jessica-I love that you have a blog and that you post! I also love that you are in the same boat I was when we were first married. And believe me it gets harder with kids. But my suggestion. Just learn what the recipe halves are. What I mean is if you need 1lb of Lasagna noodles, just use 1/2 lb. and half everything else. This usually serves two to four if the recipe serves 6-8. I have just had to learn what the halves and quarters are of all the measurements and just kinda decide how much we eat as a family. If you need any good recipes let me know! I LOVE to cook and have learned to make up my own and use what I have at home. It is really something I am passionate about. Good luck!

Richelle said...

I've had the same problem! One thing I like to do is freeze half of it. With lasagna, I put half of it in each of 2 smaller pans (even bread pans work) and put half in the freezer. It works really well for soup and any kind of casserole. That way you don't get sick of it the first time you make it and you have a quick easy meal for later when you don't feel like making anything.

The Kunz said...

hey jess! I would love to hang out sometime!!! I dont know if you have my number but just email me at love yah~

Doug & Jessica said...

Thanks guys for the help! : ) I have tried the half a recipe and sometimes it just doesn't work (especially if it calls for one egg! how do you half that!) but Lara you inspire me to be more creative! I'll have to "make up my own" more often And the idea of freezing half is wonderful! i've never thought of that haha (Lightbulb!) Thanks guys

LAHansen said...

Hey Jessica...I'll send you some recipes...send me your email address: