Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Vacation!!

I'm trying to get caught up on blogging!!  Especially because I know it will never happen once the baby is here.  So here are the highlights of our Christmas 2011!

-We spent time with Doug's family the week before Christmas.  We were able to eat tons of good food, play great games, have good conversation and of course do the annual Hansen Family Nativity.  We forgot our camera that night but have some pictures on the rest of the families cameras that I will need to get!

- We then drove down to Logandale to spend Christmas with my family!!  It was a long drive but totally worth it.  And Burley was pretty fantastic on the way down.
- On our way down we stopped in Salt Lake to see Temple Square and all of the lights!  It was fabulous and my favorite part was seeing all of the unique Nativities they had set up.  As we were parking a light snow was falling which just added to the experience!

- Christmas Eve we enjoyed a wonderful feast!  It was followed by playing games like the Carol game and a new favorite Sardines!  We turned out all of the lights and played in my parents small house haha!  It was a blast and we played until midnight!!

- Christmas Day!  Burley was so excited to see what was in his stocking and now enjoys a wonderful squeaky toy Nana and Grandpa bought for him.  We were spoiled beyond belief and it was so fun to watch others open the gifts we picked for them.

- Our Present Scavenger Hunt!! Doug's family has a tradition of hiding clues around the house that eventually lead to a present.  We decided to do this for Logan (Doug did one for me and I one for him like usual).  But this was Logan's first time and he did pretty good!  I don't think he was expecting it at all because we tried to trick him with a gift card to his favorite burger place Five Guys.  He didn't know that wasn't his real present!! And it was so fun!

- Shooting with the family!  Dad got a new hand gun (which he cried over when he opened :)) and we just had to go shoot.  I'm not a huge fan of shooting big guns but I love 22s and would say I'm a pretty good shot!  My mom and I had little contests shooting empty pop cans and I hit more than I missed :).  Doug got to shoot my dads hunting rifle for the first time and I think he felt more empowered than he should have with that huge thing Ha!

- We went to Vegas to do a little shopping and see Sherlock Holmes 2.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed pampering ourselves a little at The Cheesecake Factory (definitely a favorite!)  

- We played more games than we could count.  Had endless Fruit Ninja wars on the Ipads.  Let it be known that I am THE ULTIMATE Fruit Ninja, even though Logan believes HE is.  

- I helped my mom get the binding put on her quilt so she can finally get it finished!! Last time I was there I started to put it together and on the quilt but I was so sick!  By the time I got finished putting the strips together I realize I had sewn every other one on backwards and was going to have to pick it out.  At that point I just laid on the floor and cried.  The flu was not fun to have then and I just told her to put it away and I'd do it some other time.  Well that was a year ago and now she can actually try to finish it and get it on the bed :).

- I got to go to a close friends baby shower right before we left!  It was so good to see her and they had great snacks :)  Yes a pregnant lady will always remember the food first!  We played a lot of fun games and enjoyed seeing all the cute girly things she got.

- Then we drove to Utah for New Years.  Of course it was just about dark when we started the drive which spells disaster for Burley.  He hyperventilates and wigs out when its dark and we are on a long drive.  The only thing that would calm him down was me to hold him tight and sing.  Since he falls asleep everytime I have a Let's Play Music class I thought I'd give singing a try.  Well I was singing for just about 4 hours!!  Once we got there we had a big party with the family.  Once again there was tons of food and games!  I was definitely wilting by 11:00, but we stuck it out and had our drink of sparkling soda and kiss at 12:00 on the dot!  Then we woke up early to drive home.  

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